Prince Abubakar University Teaching Hospital Anyigba currently under construction by the administration of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State. *** Governor Yahaya Bello at work on the age-old erosion ravaged section of the road from Anyigba to the headquarters of Dekina LG and to the neighboring Bassa LG.*** Ultra-modern General Hospital, Under Construction At Isanlu-Yagba East LGA-Kogi State. Similar projects ongoing simultaneously in two (2) other locations in the state, ie, Gegu in Kogi LGA and Eganyi in Ajaokuta LGA*** The World Bank commended Governor Yahaya Bello for refunding $4.63 million surplus funds under the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP)***  This app, is an Audio/visual excursion into the stewardship of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello*** 


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Prior to the previous administration where only those in leadership had a say in governance, Governor Yahaya Bello assumed office creating an open government where everyone has equal opportunity to participate in governance irrespective of tribalism, religious bigotry and class divide.

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Tribalism, religious bigotry and class divide has, from time immemorial been the archenemy of positive development. These elements hinder and stalls the growth process in any institution. Governor Yahaya Bello, even before assuming office had seen the great disservice that these negatives had done in previous administration, vowed to change the norm. Hence, the introduction of the three core values that formed the basis of the appointment of his team; character, competence and selfless service.

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As a young man with vast experience, Governor Yahaya Bello has gathered what it takes to have a working system in governance. He however went ahead to gather a team of multidisciplinary consultants to help develop the policy document that is being implemented with a bottom-top approach delivery.

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There was a temporal hold on the payment of salary due to the screening exercise to sanitize the civil service for optimal productivity. This exercise which was agreed by all to be essential birthed a clean payroll system of which payment of salary has been consistent ever since.

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The security achievement of Governor Yahaya Bello is premised on the resolve of the Governor to keep the people of the State safe. The Government was able to convert the negative energy of the youths to positive zeal by making himself a perfect role model to inspire young ones to live out their best lives. He evolved an organic security structure that makes everyone a stakeholder.

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Governor Yahaya Bello introduced a new style of politicking which bypassed the usual mudslinging and cutting of corners. Without a political “godfather”, Yahaya Bello made the people the center of his campaign. This gave him a huge and unprecedented acceptance among the electorate. Thus, a status that has helped him survived the dirtiness of Nigeria politics.

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A Governor Yahaya Bello Presidency will be premised on Innovation and Dynamism, and will be based on developing a governance system where major challenges affecting Nigeria will be appropriately and logically dealt with on-the-go asides long term planning – considering deliverables under 5 major Thematic Areas. With the New Nigeria Policy Plan and its proposed implementation, one will be convinced that Yahaya Bello will deliver a Nigeria of the citizen’s dream.

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ANSWER: Kogi State is not new to public health emergencies, even if the COVID-19 pandemic is unarguably the most challenging the world has witnessed in recent years. After some COVID-19 cases were recorded in Nigeria, Kogi State swiftly moved into action by being the first to set up a COVID-19 Squadron headed by the Deputy Governor, Chief Edward Onoja and also complimented it with the setting up of state-of-the-art isolation center, imposed lockdown and restricted movement, with Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and other emergency medical equipment. The government’s prompt and massive enlightenment campaign also helped in achieving no case status.

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No! The GYB’s diary is just a tip of the iceberg, it is a collection of the achievements of the New Direction Administration in summary from 2016 till date.

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The more you bear the burden of leadership, the more you realize that people, and not things, events or places, matter the most. This places on you a demand to place your people and their welfare at the heart of your leadership”- Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

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