Prince Abubakar University Teaching Hospital Anyigba currently under construction by the administration of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State. *** Governor Yahaya Bello at work on the age-old erosion ravaged section of the road from Anyigba to the headquarters of Dekina LG and to the neighboring Bassa LG.*** Ultra-modern General Hospital, Under Construction At Isanlu-Yagba East LGA-Kogi State. Similar projects ongoing simultaneously in two (2) other locations in the state, ie, Gegu in Kogi LGA and Eganyi in Ajaokuta LGA*** The World Bank commended Governor Yahaya Bello for refunding $4.63 million surplus funds under the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP)***  This app, is an Audio/visual excursion into the stewardship of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello*** 


Gov. Bello signs N145.8b 2022 budget into law

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello on Wednesday signed an estimated N145.8 billion 2022 budget into law after the earlier presented budget was passed by the Kogi State House of Assembly. The governor also signed a law to repeal and reenact Kogi State Local Government audit 2020 and other matters 2021.
Governor Bello in his remarks after signing the budget into law stressed that although the year 2021 came with a lot of challenges, the new budgetary effort would be geared towards accelerating results and consolidating on the achievements in the year.
The governor stressed that the government did not intend to fall into second position in transparency rating by reputable international and national financial bodies in 2022, promising that the resources of the state would continue to be used entirely for the citizens.

He noted that his government would continue to deal decisively with issues of corruption and stem out corruption to the barest minimum, while he assured that the government would continue to be transparent in its financial dealings by showing a high level of probity and accountability.
In the area of economy, governor Bello noted that it would continue to consolidate on the administration’s infrastructural drive and also improve on security, because without security there can’t be any meaningful economic development in the state.
The governor appreciated all the respective Law enforcement agencies and the citizens who has always respond positively when the need arises, He urged the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Planning to ensure adequate implementation of all the provision of the budget
Governor Bello thanked the Speaker and all the state Assembly members for always attending to the administration’s request as promptly, noting that in Kogi state all the arms of government were having an excellent and smooth working relationship.
He stated that their official relationship have transcended into a more personal relationship which allows them to care for each other’s concerns, noting that such was the type of relationship that should exist between the arms of government.
The governor urged each and every citizen to remain vigilant while they render adequate support for the security operatives to ensure that our communities were safe.
The speaker Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mathew Kolawole while presenting the budget said the 2022 budget was speedily and diligently passed by the House of Assembly, noting that they all worked assiduously to ensure the passage of the financial appropriation within time.

He expressed gratitude to the Governor for his show of love to the state House of Assembly which has enhanced cooperation amongst the arms of government while the speaker requested ascent to the financial management bill for the legislative and judicial arm.
In his vote of thanks, the Hon. Commissioner for Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Hon. Idris Asiru thanked the Governor for performing his duty by giving the state a “SMART” budget which is derived from community inputs.
He said the revenue side of the state budget currently stands at 87% while the performance (expenditure) side stands at 85%. He said it is an achievement enabled by the governor’s support through provision of logistics and freedom to operate.
The Commissioner said going into 2022, the state aims to achieve a revenue target of 95% and expenditure side of 90%. This he stressed is achievable with teamwork and strict adherence to fiscal responsibility which the state is known for.

Gov. Bello signs N145.8b 2022 budget into law

Is Governor Yahaya Bello In A Good Trouble?

Is Governor Yahaya Bello In A Good Trouble?

It was a warring argument between two gentlemen on the row before mine on a plane flying to Lagos; arising from a sneaky headline on one of the national dailies. They were not only separated by the colours of the clothes they wore which were in sharp contrast, but also their opinions on security in Nigeria.
The man in white was so worried: “What is our nation drifting into?”, he asked. He was miffed by the fact that the nation is not decentralizing policing in such a way that the State Governors could make good use of them to combat the rising tides of insecurity in the nation.
“Your view on this is parochial”, the man in black angrily retorted. “Did the Federal Government give the Kogi Governor the powers to control security agencies? Why is Kogi combating crime like no one? Why are these Governors running to Abuja to go and complain about insecurity in their domains? How many times has Kogi Governor gone to Abuja to cry? Instead, the criminals are the ones crying in Kogi State. I did not like that man but how can I continue to hate someone who is doing his primary job?”.
But the man in white won’t go down cheaply. He put forward another argument. “Don’t bring that Kogi Governor into this issue. That one that said there is no Covid-19. What insecurity is greater than exposing the people to health dangers? Moreover, Kogi is a small state now”.
“Here you go again”, the man in black said. “Kogi should be the state crying. It was a terrible state before 2016. I witnessed serious criminality in that state when I was rendering some services to Dangote Cement Company. I knew people who were kidnapped. Some never came back before I left that state. It was sad. Even the Governor experienced it for like one year before he took his destiny in his own hands and stood up to fight for his people against the well-established criminals.
Kogi should be the worst hit state. Ten other states share borders with Kogi. I think that is why NCDC are not happy with Kogi State. We live in a digital era. Are there strange deaths in Kogi? Are people dying as a result of Covid-19 in that state? Are we getting such news? I no longer hate Yahaya Bello. He has been fearless. I am not a medical expert, so I can’t say if he has been right or wrong. But where are the proofs he is wrong on Covid-19?”.
At that point, many people on the flight picked interest in the conversation. All believed Kogi has been the standard for measuring success against insecurity in the nation. Many others saw him as a hero in defending his state against the “ungodly” management of Covid-19 in the country but a few still saw his stance on COVID-19 as “dangerous” while a woman referred to the situation as a “time bomb”.
But for me, it must be a patient bomb. We were told it would explode seven months ago. But it has refused to explode. Many felt right there that there is actually no bomb anywhere to explode as far as Covid-19 is concerned.
As we got off the plane and was heading to the arrival lounge, the two of them decided to harmonize their positions.  I went close to them because I wanted to get the full story.
They both agreed that Kogi has set a standard for others to emulate in the area of security but they still didn’t agree on the management of Covid-19.
As I journeyed back to Lokoja from the Abuja Airport, I ruminated on the intellectual attrition between the two gentlemen and realized how much of a national discourse Yahaya Bello has become. I also realized Nigerians know their leaders.
A few weeks ago in Lagos, the Uber driver that took me from my hotel to Oregun heard me “blowing” my beautiful Yagba language on phone. He took interest in me and told me his wife hails from Kogi State.
“I didn’t know much about your Governor before the Covid-19 controversies started. But I must commend him for being steadfast. We know what he is saying about Covid-19 is true. These people are just punishing us”, he said in a rather helpless tone.
But like Professor Sylvanus Ekwelie (my best teacher ever) would say, “questions are maps, when you know how to ask them, you can never get lost”; I decided to engage the driver more.
I asked, “why do you think Covid-19 is controversial?”. He replied with a hilarious laugh.
“You people thought because we are drivers, we do not know what is happening. All these protocols they are talking about are deceptive. They just want to pocket our money. That is why we see Governor Yahaya Bello as the hero of this generation”.
I became enamored with his depth of knowledge on the issue of Covid-19. Truth is known by many, but only few are audacious to say it.
I was then reassured that Governor Yahaya Bello has a big responsibility as a generational Messiah. He has become a hero that the entire nation is looking up to and a man who has come out of his own protection to protect those without protection.
The call on him to become President in 2023 is part of the good troubles he has to cope with. It is the price you pay for proving your mettle.
Having united a socially, culturally and ethnically splintered polity like Kogi, Nigerians are calling on him to bring the beautiful dance to the center.
Having defeated insecurity in Kogi State through a hugely successful security architecture and attitudinal change, Nigerians are calling on him to come and secure the nation and defeat the security challenges confronting Nigeria. He is indeed, in a good trouble.
Some journalists have asked me to respond to Chief Edwin Clark’s statement on Covid-19 as it relates to the position of Alh. Yahaya Bello. And my response is simple: Chief Edwin Clark is an Elderstatesman. Simplicita. Nothing more, nothing less (praeterea nihil aliud).
As Governor Yahaya Bello battles the good trouble that comes with success, I wish him the best in the years ahead.
– Kingsley Fanwo is the Kogi State Commissioner for Information and Communications.

Yahaya Bello, Solution To Nation’s Insecurity- Vigilante Group.

Yahaya Bello, Solution To Nation’s Insecurity- Vigilante Group.

The Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) says that Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi remains the solution to Nigeria’s insecurity, as they join the call urging Bello to run for President in 2023.
The VGN made the call on Saturday when a representation of its membership from across the 36 states paid a visit to Bello at the Kogi Government Lodge in Abuja.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the VGN also presented an award to Bello for his outstanding performance in tackling insecurity and crimes in Kogi.
Dr Usman Jahun, Commander General of the VGN said the group was also calling on Bello to become President so that he can secure Nigeria same way he has secured Kogi which is the safest State in Nigeria.
Jahun also commended Bello for how well he has position the VGN, Kogi Chapter and has made them an integral part of the State’s security architecture.
“The Vigilante Group of Nigeria is a fully registered entity with all structures across the 36 states of the country where we are very present.
“We have seen all that You, Governor Yahaya Bello has done in securing Kogi State and that is why we have come to appreciate all your efforts as we see you as a hope to solving the insecurity in Nigeria.
“We want you to become President so that you can apply the same security approach you have used in Kogi that has made it the safest state in Nigeria to make Nigeria safe again,” Jahun said.
Jahun said that the group is also throwing its weight around Bello because he knows that as one who places priority on security, he would reposition the VGN for an effective service delivery.
He said that the VGN had five million members across the 36 states of the Federation, with a lot of them who are retired from all security agencies.
“We have seen what you have done with the Kogi State Vigilate Group, by paying them good salaries, training them, we want you to become President so that you can also reposition this Group across the country.
“We have five million members who are military officers, police officers, the DSS, Civil Defense Officers amongst others, when we are fully utilized, and equipped we are ready to sacrifice our lives to make sure there is peace in the country.
“The eight Assembly passed our bill, now it is before the ninth Assembly and President Muhammadu Buhari  has also tried for the Organisation.
“We are sure that when you become President, you will sign it into law for fill implementation,” Jahun said.
Jahun said that the Group had gone round the country drumming support for Bello not because it has gotten any monetary support from the governor but just because of his capabilities.
The governor appreciated the Group for recognizing his efforts and the modest achievements of the State in security and across all sector.
Bello assured the group that he will not disappoint them and other Nigerians who are calling on him to run for the 2023 Presidency.
He also urged the Group and other Nigerians to appreciate all the President Buhari had done in securing Nigeria, adding that security remained the  responsibility of every Nigerian including the VGN.
“You took it upon yourself to move round this country without a dime from me, without motivating you, without asking you to do that, without even having a prior discussion to do that.
“But because you have seen millions of Nigerians urging me to run for President of this country. you joined the multitude of Nigerians to call on me to run for Presidency in 2023.
“By the special grace of God Almighty, I will not disappoint you. It is often said and I believe that the voice of the people is the voice of God.
Bello urged the Group to collaborate with other security agencies and their state governments, same way it is being done in Kogi State.
He also warned them against listening to disgruntled politicians and those who do not have the love of Nigeria at heart.
“Please continue to organise yourselves and please cooperate with all the law enforcement agencies as usual, just like the VGN in Kogi State.
“The way they are cooperating with us there, please cooperate with every state chapter and provide adequate, effective intelligence for them to act.
“Relate with your various governors, relate with your various leaders across board, irrespective of his political affiliation, religion or irrespective of whatever he believes in, relate with them very well and let us have a peaceful Nigeria.
“And please, listen less to some politicians who are disgruntled and at an appropriate time, I want to assure you that we shall expose them so that we will never have them in positions of authorities again,” Bello said.

Governor Yahaya Bello And Security: The President We Want – GYB2PYB Ebonyi State

Governor Yahaya Bello And Security: The President We Want – GYB2PYB Ebonyi State.

Security of lives and property are the primary duty of every leader who truly have the interest of his people at heart.
In the past, Kogi State was reputed one of the criminal hideouts in Nigeria as a result of insecurity of great magnitude!
Obviously, people are now asking to know the secret of mass acceptance of Governor Yahaya Bello, the youngest and most gender-friendly Governor in Nigeria!
The is simple. Governor Yahaya Bello gives premium attention to SECURITY.
According to the South African White Paper on defence 1996, “Security is an all-encompassing condition in which individual citizen lives in freedom, peace and safety, participate fully in the process of governance, enjoy the protection and fundamental Rights, have access to resources and basic necessities of life; and inhabit an environment which is not detrimental to their health and well-being.”
Today, Governor Yahaya Bello as the most active youthful and gender-friendly Governor in Nigeria, has done well in ensuring that security of lives and property receive the attention it deserves!
Immediately His Excellency assumed office, the issues of insecurity and youth unemployment became a thing of the past; as he swung into action using the best crime control measures.
No wonder, Salem University that ranks number one among universities that produce capable criminologists and criminal justice experts is located in Kogi State!

Undoubtedly, Governor Yahaya Bello understands the importance of crime control using Social Development and not just applying reactive measures or brigadier approach that only produce little or no results!
At the moment, Nigeria in its entirety are in search of a detribalized and youthful leader, who understands the intricacies surrounding 21st century leadership, where the youth are given equal developmental opportunities, to participate actively in governance and socio-economic development.
As we intensify efforts in search of a leader who will fix Nigeria, may we thank God that Governor Yahaya Bello, the captain of the Confluence State is most ready and willing to answer the clarion call of Nigerian youth to lead us to our long awaited destination….where SECURITY, equal developmental opportunities, massive youth employment and national integration are guaranteed!
The Youth believe that if Governor Yahaya Bello becomes the President, come 2023, he will replicate his good governance model, especially in areas of SECURITY of lives and property, gender inclusion, national integration, youth development and employment among other things…
In Kogi state today, you’ll not hear of: BANDITS, Kidnapping, Herdsmen attacks, armed robbery and other social vices that truncate sustainable peace and development!!!!
Think a better Nigeria! Think Yahaya Bello!! Think peace and security!!!
Amb. Aligwe Sampson O.
State Coordinator,
GYB2PYB, Ebonyi State Chapter.

Governor Yahaya Bello And Security: The President We Want – GYB2PYB Ebonyi State

Gov. Yahaya Bello Is “Security Personality Of The Year

Gov. Yahaya Bello Is “Security Personality Of The Year.

The Institute of Security and Strategic Studies Confers Fellowship On the Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Yahaya Bello, FISS.
The investiture which held at the Yar’Adua Centre on Sunday night was in recognition of the Governor’s demonstrated commitment and use of innovative approaches to secure lives and properties in his state of Kogi. The institute noted the governor’s outstanding efforts in creating, maintaining, extending and promoting the nation’s most security state in Kogi.
In addition to the fellowship, Governor Bello was also awarded the institute’s first ever ‘Security Personality Of The Year Award’.
The Governor Who was represented by his deputy, Edward Onoja at the event which held at the Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja on Sunday evening said the honour was another push for him to do more in safeguarding the life and property of the people of Kogi State and other Nigerians living in or transiting through the state.
For his outstanding performance in the area of security, Governor Bello has received award from different groups, organizations, Associations including the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies.

How Yahaya Bello’s Gains On Security Earned Him A Top Spot To Lead Northern Governors To Fight Insecurity

How Yahaya Bello’s Gains On Security Earned Him A Top Spot To Lead Northern Governors To Fight Insecurity

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State might have been involved in several controversies but the youngest Governor in Nigeria has again justified his worth after being appointed to lead Northern Governor’s Forum to fight insecurity in the region.

This has once again justified the laudable achievements recorded by Yahaya Bello on the area of security in Kogi State.

Bello, the youngest Governor in Nigeria will now lead the standing committee in Northern Nigeria using his approach to flush out the bandits and criminal elements in the region.

Yahaya Bello’s appointment was made known on the statement issued by Plateau State Governor’s Director of Press and Public Affairs, Makut Macham, on Friday, stating that the decision to see up Yahaya Bello-led committee by the 19 Governors in the Northern States was reached during the regional meeting held on Thursday through teleconference aimed at discussing the menace of insecurity in the region.

Yahaya Bello-led committee which has Zamfara and Gombe Governors as members was presided over by the Chairman of Northern Governor’s Forum, Simon Lalong of Plateau State and unanimously agreed to engage local vigilantes, hunters and community watch groups to help in the fight against insecurity, intelligence gathering and surveillance in the region.

Yahaya Bello’s achievement and nomination to lead the Northern Governors in the battle against insecurity in the region did not come as a surprise.

Those who have been following the activities of Kogi politics will attest to the laudable achievements of Yahaya Bello on the area of security until the recent attacks in the state and has already swung into action to arrest the situation.

Recall that Yahya Bello was declared the best governor on security in Nigeria in 2017 and awarded by the Nigerian Police Force.

Bello’s award came after he flushed out criminal elements; the kidnappers and armed robbers that took over most of the communities and highways of Kogi State before his emergence.

Bello will now bring the method he used to solve insecurity problem in Kogi State to the table as he lead Northern Governors in the battle against insecurity in the Northern Nigeria.

If Yahaya Bello is able to justify the trust and the overwhelming responsibility placed on him to solve the menace of insecurity problem in the Northern region, his name will be in the book of history and would fully justify the fact that he is the youngest Governor in Nigeria and the fact that the answer to the problems of Nigeria is with the youths.

Bello reveals how he handles security challenges in Kogi

Bello reveals how he handles security challenges in Kogi.

The Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello on Thursday explained how he handles insecurity in his state, revealing that he does not go to Abuja for solutions.
The governor, who spoke on Thursday morning while appearing on Channels Television’s ‘Sunrise Daily’ programme, added that the stakeholders in the state collaborate with security agencies to analyse intelligence to forestall breakdown of law and order.
He said: “The Nigeria Police that are in the country today are the same in Kogi State. The Army in the country are the same in Kogi State. All the law enforcement agencies we have in the country today are exactly what I have in Kogi State.

We are corroborating, the commissioner of police, my director (of) DSS, my Army commander, my naval commander, civil defence commander, we are corroborating and they are relating very well with the citizens, they connected to the people and leadership at all levels are doing their best starting from the community leaders, ward leaders, the local government chairmen and leaders, youth leaders, market leaders, farmers and what have you. We are corroborating very well.
“So, when they provide such information, we act on it, we don’t pay lip service, we don’t pass buck, we don’t visit Abuja for solutions at all times. I don’t think there is any day I have ever visited Abuja for any solution. What I do is to sit down here (Kogi) and do my job.”
The governor spoke against the backdrop of current state of insecurity across the country with the seeming helplessness of state governors to nip it in the bud, as they keep running to the Federal Government for help.

Though Kogi has remained one of the hot beds of kidnapping and farmers/herdsmen crisis, Governor Bello believes his strategy has been effective.

Bello reveals how he handles security challenges in Kogi

Security: Governor Yahaya Bello is doing very well, says Nigerian Army

Governor Yahaya Bello is doing very well, says Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army has commended the Governor of Kogi State on his efforts in security of lives and property.
Enamoured of the exploits of Governor Yahaya Bello in the areas of security and youth empowerment, the Nigeria Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, is understudying ways the Governor has been able to achieve this.
The Course 40 of the Command is carrying out the study as part of events lined up to celebrate the 2018 Nigerian Armed Forces Remembrance Day.
The Secretary to the Government of Kogi State, Dr. (Mrs) Ayoade Folashade Arike with the Chief of Staff to His Excellency, Hon Edward Onoja; the Head of Service, Deaconess Deborah Ogunmola; the Security Adviser to His Excellency, Cdr, Jerry Omodara (Rtd), and other members of the New Direction team joined the Governor of Kogi State as he received the team led by Brigader General Olu Irefin on a courtesy visit to His Excellency at Government House, Lokoja today.

Bello who commended the team for for making the State one of their ports of call assured them of the full cooperation of the New Direction team towards achieving the aim and objectives of the tour.
The team on Nigeria Study Tour to Kogi State expressed appreciation to the State Government for the warm reception they were given.
The Study Tour is themed ‘National Security and Youth Empowerment’.
The Governor in a speech he delivered at the occasion expressed gladness that security organizations and institutions have made it a habit of regularly coming to understudy the programme and progress of his administration in the area of security.
“This means there is something we are doing right that is attracting all the agencies to come and understudy us. As I have said, I am more concerned about the welfare of the people of the state than the politics,” Bello said.
He recalled the recent awards he has received from the nation’s security forces, stating that they have encouraged him to do more for the purpose of ensuring the safety of lives and property of the people of the state.
Bello reiterated his pronouncement that he is not in government to play politics, but to serve his people, adding that the security forces have assisted him in no small measure towards providing tranquillity for the people.
“All the studies that have been conducted so far and the reports we have gotten, are more or less like scorecards of the records of our government. I am so glad to receive you in Kogi state,” he said.
The Governor, who commended citizens of the state serving in the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies for making the state proud for their gallantry, called on other members of the security services to emulate them.
Team Leader, Brig. Gen. Irefin had earlier thanked Governor Bello for creating the enabling environment for them since their arrival in the state, and thanked the people for their hospitality.
He said what attracted them to the state was the fact that Governor Bello has been doing excellently in creating empowerment for youths in the state and enhancing the security of lives and property of the people.
“We know Kogi was a hotbed and confluence of criminality in the past. We want to know how you have achieved so much mileage in security in such a short period. We are here to learn how you did it,” he said.

Security: Governor Yahaya Bello is doing very well, says Nigerian Army

Bello is Nigerias best performing Gov. on security NUJ

Bello is Nigerias best performing Gov. on security

By Lizzy Okoji
The FCT Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has bestowed on Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi the Torch bearer of Security award.
The award, according to the union, sees Bello emerging as the best governor in ensuring security among his colleagues in the country.
Representatives of the FCT Council of NUJ led by its Chairman, Emmanuel Ogbeche, gave Bello the award on Saturday in Abuja.
Ogbeche lauded Bello for securing the state and the lives of residents as well as commutters passing through the state.

He said as the fourth estate of the realm and watchdog of society, the NUJ had recognised all the efforts of the governor and had deemed it right to honour him.
We are here to recognise your outstanding performance in security.
We remember sometime in February 2017, the primary security agency, the Nigerian Police Force, recognised your performance.
They bestowed on you the award of the best governor in security.
Since then, you have not looked back, you have remained consistent, you have remained coherent in your security strategy.
You are fully aware that Section 22 of the Nigerian constitution says that media will hold anyone accountable to the people and by interpretation, it also means that when those in government have performed well, they ought to be given a pat on the back.
We want to commend you that you have kept faith with one of the primary reasons of being in government which is the security of the people as enshrined in Secton 14 of the constitution, Ogbeche said.
Bello, who was represented by his Chief of Staff, Abdulkareem Asuku, thanked the NUJ for recognising the governor for his achievements in the security sector.
He said that the priority of Bello was securing the lives of Kogi citizens and other Nigerians, adding that this was the reason Nigerians were calling on him to run for president in 2023.
Security is the number one responsibility of any responsible government. Without security, no matter the infrastructure or economic achievement of any government it will all amount to nothing.
That is why his Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello upon assumption of office in 2016 decided to take the security of the people of Kogi State as his number one priority in his agenda.
That is why the good people of this country who know that for Nigeria to survive beyond 2023, we just have to take it from where we are now in security to where we can raise our heads high and be proud of our nation.
But for us to move from this situation to something better the good citizens of this country have resolved and are calling on his Excellency to present himself to salvage the situation in the country.
I want to specifically appreciate NUJ Abuja chapter for recognising his Excellency to be fit and able in that capacity to serve.
Because it is one thing to achieve and another thing to be recognised. Not just by anybody but the mouth piece of the nation which is the NUJ.
For you to deem in fit to recognise the achievements of Governor Yahaya Bello in security is a big one and we appreciate you, Asuku said.
He also urged the NUJ to keep doing its best in upholding the unity of the country through credible reportage. (NANl)

NUJ Honours Gov. Yahaya Bello With Torchbearer Of Security Award

NUJ Honours Gov. Yahaya Bello With Torchbearer Of Security Award

Nigerian Union of Journalists has recognised Yahaya Bello, executive Governor of Kogi State with Torchbearer of Security Award.
Presenting the award on Saturday May 29, 2021, at the Kogi State Liaison House, Asokoro Abuja, Chairman of NUJ, FCT Council, Comrade Emmanuel Ogbeche, noted that it was important to reward diligence to duty as a means of encouraging good works, motivate and to spur the recipient into doing even more.

Ogbeche stated that Governor Bello was well deserving of the award bestowed upon him by his union.
He noted that Bello has been singled out in the past, by various bodies, for his good works in the area of security and by non the less the Nigerian Police Force.

NUJ Honours Gov. Yahaya Bello With Torchbearer Of Security Award (Photos)

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